Terms and Conditions

  • Refusal of Service – We reserve the right to terminate or refuse service to anyone.
  • Online Conduct – it is the sole responsibility of Customer to ensure that the information it and its users transmit and receive complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the Internet and electronic communication. Affects will not permit any persons (Customers) using Affects internet services, including, but not limited to, Customer’s web sites and transmission capabilities, to do any of the following:
  1.  send unsolicited commercial messages or bulk email communications in any form (SPAM).
  2. engage in any activities or actions that infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of others, including, but not limited to, using third party copyrighted materials without appropriate permission, using third party trademarks without appropriate permission or attribution, and using or distributing third party information protected as a trade secret information in violation of a duty of confidentiality
  3. engage in any activities or actions that would violate the personal privacy rights of others, including, but not limited to, collecting and distributing information about Internet users without their permission, except as permitted by applicable law
  4. send, post or host harassing, abusive, libelous or obscene materials or assist in any similar activities related thereto;
  5. intentionally omit, delete, forge or misrepresent transmission information, including headers, return mailing and Internet protocol addresses
  • Backup – We do back up our system files for a  period of 5 days. If we designed your site, we back up the site files at the time of publishing and updating and keep these files on hand as long as you are our client.  If you are uploading your own files we do not back up those files. So, if you are uploading your own files, Affects recommends that you back up your own files on your own computer.  Affects has the right to delete all websites, data, files, and  other information stored on Affects servers and computers upon termination of services for any reason. We do not back up email, webmail and are not responsible lost email under any circumstances.
  • Billing – Payment is due upon receipt of statement. Past due accounts may suspended  on the 30th day of the month may result in discontinuation of service.
  • Security – Customer is expected to keep all passwords secret.  Passwords allow access to your private messages and FTP information. If Affects believes a Customer’s password has been compromised, we reserve the right to change the Customer’s password without notice.
  • Domain Names – Customer is responsible renewing Domain Names.  Affects will not be responsible for the Customer’s domain expiering. Domain names can be  renewed online at the original registrar in which the domain name registration was initiated.
  • Cancellation – Customer may cancel service at any time with written notice by U.S. mail, email or by  telephone.
  • Modification – Affects may modify these Terms and Conditions at our discretion and notice shall be provided by posting such new Terms and Conditions.
  • Governing Law – By purchasing services from Affects, the Customer acknowledges that any such service shall be governed by in accordance the laws of the State of California. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue to resolve a dispute between Affects and the customer, shall be in Orange County, CA superior courts.